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QuickBooks hosting is the newest generation of platforms for account and financial management among numerous companies. This is because QuickBooks hosting has the most beneficial attributes for anyone and everyone. One very valuable feature is that QuickBooks cloud hosting allows users to work from anywhere at any time. This is because cloud hosting makes QuickBooks extremely accessible remotely and portable for everyone. No more having to travel to certain places to do work on certain computers or having limited working versions at other locations. QuickBooks also can be accessed on multiple providers and devices on top of being accessible remotely.

Not only is it accessible everywhere but it has better data security since it is hosted off-site of the company. Many people think that cloud hosting costs more than whatever they are currently doing but let us break it down a little for you. Cloud services as a whole eliminates many costs and hidden costs with set up and continued maintenance on the service but actually it reduces the costs. If you hosted QuickBooks yourself, this means that every possible device you would use it on would have to have a licensed QuickBooks package physically added to it in order for someone to use it. Most packages only have a limited number of devices allowed without paying more money. This price can grow exponentially if not taken into account or understood. With QuickBooks hosting this cost is consistent plus any device can access the program without any licensing or trouble.

Also, if you are not using cloud hosting you will have to have IT professionals hired in order to help with technical issues and maintenance of the servers that are housing all of the data. Normally this job it handed to your companies IT department but it can make IT experts scream since they are not always versed in QuickBooks troubleshooting or problems. QuickBooks hosting is more of a feasible approach for your IT department to not have headaches.

Time is money for most companies which is something that QuickBooks hosting at BrightFlow Technologies innovatively helps with for all companies. Have a question about this, don’t hesitate to contact us for help or services. Our experts can be reached at 704-893-8445.

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