New Malware Email Calls You “Stupid” in Subject Line

New Malware Email Calls You “Stupid” in Subject Line
The latest email to hit a large mass of people is known as the "you were stupid" email.  It starts by calling you a loser and telling you that your computer has been infected by a malware.  It goes on to threaten deletions of files unless you pay a ransom in bitcoin.  The grammar is very poor and it is pretty obvious that it is a scam.  
It is our duty at BrightFlow to mention this in our latest newsletter to you and let you know that there is nothing to worry about.  
Here is an example of the email:
If you have email through BrightFlow, you most likely have our advanced Spam Filter.  This email would have been blocked.  If you don't, please call us with questions about how you can protect yourself.
If you DID receive this email recently, no worries.  Simply delete it.
Scare tactics are often used to threaten the user in the hope that they will hand over funds. Scammers scour the internet for email addresses and build up lists of potential targets before they begin trying to extort your hard earned cash.  There is no actual infection.
If you have further questions, you can always email us at [email protected] or call 704-893-8445.