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Managed Services for Legal

Keep your law firm safe from cyberthreats

IBM revealed that 95% of data breaches are caused by human error. Whether it’s an employee unknowingly clicking on a malicious link or sharing confidential information with a seemingly legitimate contact, these mistakes can be prevented when they know exactly what to look out for. That’s where BrightFlow comes in.

We have extensive experience with cybersecurity assessments and training for the legal industry. In fact, we’ve provided countless law firms with the tools and tutelage needed to recognize and mitigate threats.


Dark Web Breach Assessment & Security Training (DWBA)

We’ll scan the dark web for your business’s domain name, show you how your employees can fall victim to cyberattacks, and educate them to avoid the worst from happening.


Breach Prevention Platform (BPP)

From simulated phishing attacks and weekly training videos to security risk assessments and detailed security policies, we have everything covered.


Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA)

Continuous security assessment helps you track employee progress and makes sure everyone follows security best practices.


Employee Secure Score (ESS)

Metric-based rankings let you know where each employee needs to improve and fosters competition for the top spot.


Unparalleled Insight

Access your employees’ ESS, see what types of cyberattacks they are at risk of, and work with our security experts to organize training accordingly.

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