Business Continuity Services in Charlotte NC

The speed at which critical systems are brought back online and restored to their pre-event functionality is crucial. Brightflow Technologies is at the forefront of providing business continuity services in the Charlotte NC area. We offer the necessary support to ensure that any periods of downtime your business encounters are minimized. Are you prepared for the unknown? Contact us today to ensure all of your business operations can return to business as usual in case of an emergency.

Our Process

  1. Learn about your business and define critical processes.
  2. Develop a plan that focuses on business needs and order of priority.
  3. Easily implement the plan if needed. 

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Our Business Continuity Plan Includes


Detailed Analysis

We help you uncover the essential details of your business continuity plan. From planning, implementing, to monitoring, your business operations will continue with a solid, strategic plan.

Complete Business Defense

The disaster recovery plan we create will ensure your business comes back online if disaster strikes.

Data Protection

We backup important business data and applications and monitor either on a real-time basis or daily basis. This also includes regularly testing your backups to guarantee the availability of your data in the event of a disaster.


Your needs and preferences can be catered to with either cloud-based or on-premises data backups while also remaining compliant to stringent industry regulation.

Rapid Recovery

Quickly bring your business back online after an unexpected event with detailed processes and recovery guidelines.

How Do We Write a Business Continuity Plan?

Writing an effective business continuity plan involves a series of steps to ensure comprehensive preparedness for potential disruptions. The following will be discussed as we develop a continuity plan for your business.

  1. Establish a project team consisting of key stakeholders from various departments. 
  2. We perform a thorough risk assessment to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. 
  3. Once risks are identified, strategies and controls will be developed to mitigate these risks. This includes setting clear objectives, defining roles and responsibilities, and establishing communication protocols. 

4. Our plan will also include a thorough analysis of critical business functions, along with detailed procedures to ensure their uninterrupted continuation in the event of a disruption. 

5. Regular testing and updating of the plan are essential to maintain its effectiveness. We perform testing to ensure that the plan holds up under scrutiny. 

6. We proactively train employees through awareness programs to ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities and can effectively execute the plan when needed.

What Causes Downtime?

Downtime can be the result of human error, computer viruses, hardware failure, theft, and natural disasters. Your continuity plan should have planned responses to any of these events to ensure your operation doesn’t skip a beat.

Questions to Consider in Your Disaster Recovery Strategy

Some of the questions we consider when creating a disaster recovery plan include:

  • What are the primary objectives and scope of the business continuity plan?
  • Have potential risks and vulnerabilities been identified and assessed?
  • How will critical business functions be prioritized during a disruption?
  • Are there specific resources and alternate facilities available in case of site or infrastructure failures?
  • What is the process for notifying and communicating with employees, stakeholders, and customers during an incident?
  • Have contingency plans been established for IT systems, including data backups and recovery strategies?
  • Is there a clear chain of command and designated roles and responsibilities within the plan?
  • How will essential supplies, equipment, and inventory be managed during a crisis?
  • What strategies are in place for employee safety and well-being during emergencies?
  • Has the plan been tested through realistic simulations or exercises?
  • Are there provisions for ongoing training and awareness programs for all staff members?
  • How will the plan be regularly reviewed and updated in response to changing circumstances or new risks?
  • How often will the plan be tested?

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A business continuity plan should be tested regularly to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Generally, it is recommended to conduct tests and simulations at least once a year. However, depending on the nature of the business, its criticality, and the level of change or risk factors involved, more frequent testing may be necessary. These tests can range from tabletop exercises to full-scale drills, evaluating different scenarios and response strategies. Regular testing not only helps identify any gaps or weaknesses in the plan but also familiarizes employees with their roles and responsibilities, thereby increasing their readiness in the event of a disruption.

A business continuity plan should be regularly reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and relevance in the face of evolving risks and changing business needs. Some items that may require adjustment in the plan can include the nature of the business, industry standards, and regulatory requirements. Additionally, addressing any emerging threats, incorporating lessons learned from incidents, and updating contact information and recovery procedures may be altered as needed.


Dropsuite is a cloud software platform enabling businesses and organizations globally to easily backup, recover and protect their important business information including emails, contacts, calendars and OneDrive/Sharepoint files. Compliant email backup and archive system with a 10-year retention policy.

Vade Secure:

Vade Secure is an AI-based email security solution to improve security for Office 365 and block advanced phishing, spear phishing, and advanced malware threats. Vade Secure analyzes emails, webpages, attachments, and images with machine learning and deep learning algorithms that are trained to detect behaviors and anomalies common to advanced email threats.

Office Protect:

Office Protect is a service that’s designed to help you secure your Microsoft 365 tenant. Using our powerful in-house security software, our analysts actively monitor for threats, investigate alerts, eliminate false positives, and provide guided response and remediation. Protects against account break-ins, data exfiltration, business email compromise, phishing, internal threats, lateral movement, ransomware, and attacks by nation states.

Dark Cubed:

Dark Cubed focuses on real-time monitoring, threat intelligence, predictive analytics, elegant dashboard, streamlined workflow, executive reporting and active blocking. This is another layer of security that integrates with the firewall.


ThreatLocker is a zero-trust endpoint security tool giving companies control over what software can run, by whom, and what data can be accessed.

It keeps a full detailed audit of what applications are used and data accessed/transferred/deleted and by what users (signature tracking, etc.) If something unusual happens, such as a signature change, or a user opens an application that is out of their normal routine the administrator is alerted. This is a crucial tool in identifying malware threats, as well as helping organizations identify if users are accessing applications and/or data/ files they should not be.

ThreatLocker provides a solution that allows businesses to control the content that runs on their network. Unlike AntiVirus software ThreatLocker is not looking for known viruses or malware. ThreatLocker uses a complex set of rules to determine what can be executed on a network and stops anything that has not been approved before it can even execute.


Huntress is a supplement to SentinelOne. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated, and Huntress actively seeks out these threat actors with a "defend forward" mentality. This software combines both advanced security tools along with human intervention to ensure even the most advanced hackers can't penetrate your network.


SentinelOne is a comprehensive enterprise security platform that provides threat detection, hunting, and response features that enable organizations to discover vulnerabilities and protect IT operations. SentinelOne integrates static artificial intelligence (AI) to provide real-time endpoint protection and reduce false positives that derail investigations or make threat detection a capital-intensive process. This will replace Webroot in your current environment.