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The best performance for your sites

Unrivaled speed, uptime, and scalability make Pantheon the best place to host Drupal and WordPress sites.

BrightWeb delivers the fastest page load speeds for WordPress and Drupal sites. We smoke the competition in independent benchmarks.

You get reliable uptime for your sites, even at high traffic. On top of that, BrightFlow acts as your own in-house web department so you always have someone who’ll pick up the phone.

Our container-based platform is more efficient and reliable than shared servers like GoDaddy (who cram hundreds of sites on one machine). With BrightWeb, you can harness the same cutting-edge technology used by companies like Google, Salesforce and Facebook.

Scale your site easily without downtime or infrastructure migration, and handle traffic spikes without breaking a sweat

BrightWeb Platform – response time in seconds


Launch Time – average turnaround in weeks

Custom CMS
WordPress Without BrightWeb

(Shorter is better).

24/7 Threat Monitoring

Our proactive security measures and built-in defenses keep your site protected in a hostile internet.

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    BrightFlow managed updates deploy fixes faster than with any other provider.

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    We keep your site safe with industry-leading denial-of-service and network intrusion protection.

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    BrightWeb provides immediate response and prevention to announced vulnerabilities.

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    Industry-leading security features like SSL, SAML SSO integration, role-based permissions & automated backups keep your site safe.

Expert WordPress Support

Rest easy knowing a world class team WordPress developers is always available to help.

  • Unlimited access to world-class WordPress and Drupal experts.
  • Reliable support availability for rapid responses to your tickets.
  • Personalized onboarding and a dedicated launch team

More For Your Dollar

Get more out of your development dollars to drive your business forward faster.

  • BrightWeb’s best practice workflows and tools mean higher productivity and fewer setbacks
  • The BrightWeb workflow provides faster development so you can iterate faster
  • BrightFlow knows what to ask for and when to ask for it, meaning your team can focus on running your business with less interruption

The True Cost of Cheap Hosting

Cheaper hosting may seem like a bargain, but these plans are not designed to keep your WordPress site consistently secure, fast, and up-to-date. These plans don’t offer development and testing environments, reliable automated backups, or a reasonable and secure manner for developers to collaborate on a project. These are all things your developers need, and their agency will need to bill you for the hours they spend putting these pieces in place. The true costs of cheap hosting can add up to thousands of dollars a year for ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting. With BrightWeb, we eliminate most of those hidden costs.

As a business owner, you don’t think twice about paying $150 a month for quality smartphone coverage. Why wouldn’t you do the same thing for the website that powers your business?

Another agency could build out all of the developer tools, but why not save money & time by using BrightWeb?

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    You could pay another agency to build a custom CMS, but why not save money & time by starting with WordPress?

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    Funnel 100% of your investment into results, not overhead.

Better Return On Your Investment

Every dollar you spend on web development should contribute to the growth of your business. Using the BrightWeb platform brings you closer to that goal, as we don’t need to start from scratch.

BrightWeb allows us to funnel 100% of your investment in web development directly to the high-value features and strategy that grow your business. And not just while your website is in development, but for its entire lifetime.

Hack-Proof Gurantee

If you never want to be hacked, BrightWeb is the platform of choice. BrightWeb makes continuous platform-wide upgrades so you don’t need to ask a developer about Heartbleed, Internet Doomsday, or other risks du jour.

BrightWeb also enables our developers to quickly update your site in one click. No site that follows security best practices on BrightWeb has ever been hacked.

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