Whether you’re starting from scratch, or just want to refresh your existing website, here’s what you’ll get:

Custom WordPress Site

All our sites are built on WordPress, a platform known for its ease of use, flexibility, and breadth of options. We’ll continuously collaborate with you throughout the process to tailor your site to your specific goals and needs.

Unlimited Revisions

We know that sometimes you just gotta’ try things on to decide if they work for you or not. Unlike most web builders, we offer unlimited revisions—so you’ll get a site you’ll love.

Ongoing Tech Support

Once your new site is up and running, we can provide unlimited tech support for only $100 per month (no…that’s not a typo).

Unlimited Hosting

Our packages include unlimited disc space and bandwidth, plus you’ll have full access to all the files and the control panel. Or, if you prefer, we’ll seamlessly transfer your new site to the hosting provider of your choice.


We host on uber-secure servers which are highly resilient to any data breaches or failure. And we use a range of protective services that are backed up nightly.

Analytics & Reporting

Once your site is live, you can count on weekly or monthly reports showing your traffic sources, performance, uptime, backups, and more!

A Final Word…

Rest assured that before we launch any site, we rigorously test it across multiple devices and browsers to ensure its functionality, optimal speed, and responsiveness. What’s more, our graphic designers can design a logo for you too, if you need it. We know…seeing is believing! Go ahead, take a stroll through a sampling of our work.
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Website Design Services

Simply put, we LOVE building WordPress websites! With over 500 live sites to date, we have satisfied clients across the US with our website design services. Our custom WordPress website designs are on par with high-priced custom websites. We custom build your site, add content and images, and will install and configure plug-ins for a variety of custom features. After launch, our Flat-Fee Support simply can’t be beat.


Each website package includes unlimited disc space and bandwidth. You also have full access to all files and the control panel to give you full control.


Every site is built in the most recent version of WordPress on top of the Genesis platform. This means you get a flexible easy-to-use content management system with a TON of options.


We understand the importance of social media. We will add any requested social media icons on widgets to connect your online presence across the web.


Our Flat-Fee Support Package also includes technical support for any hosting issues that may arise.


Each project includes a custom WordPress website design based on your directions. To top it off we include unlimited revisions until we reach a concept you love.


Videos and images are a huge part of any small business. We will integrate image and video galleries to make your website truly shine.


With our expert team, we ensure you’ll get a website with engaging content, flexible layouts, and mobile-ready features for a smooth user experience.


We work closely with our clients to create easy-to-navigate and intuitive websites to help you increase conversions, generate more leads, and decrease bounce rates.


Through careful planning, collaboration, and continuous communication throughout each project, we build custom websites that are tailored to your specific needs and end goals..


On top of defensive plugins installed in our system, we host on secure servers which are highly resilient against any data breach or failure. We protect your data further through a range of services that are backed up nightly and use Cloudflare’s advanced DNS features to prevent DDoS attacks.

Our Web Design Process

Your website will be built by professional developers who are all about the details. We have a specific process to ensure that your website will meet your vision and drive the actions that are important. It’s for this reason that we go through a comprehensive process:

1. Strategy & Planning

To start, we need information about your business, industry, and website’s main goals. Also, during this stage, we finalize and refine a list of must-include features on your website.

2. Website Design

In this phase, we design a mock-up of your website with a graphic designer. Before moving forward, you’ll get to see, request edits for, and approve the initial draft. 

3. Development

All of our website design is completed on a staging server. This way, your old site will work fine until we’ve finished the new one. During development, we welcome your feedback and make any changes or edits you require.

4. Testing

Before your new website goes live, we test it across multiple devices and browsers to ensure its functionality, optimal speed, and responsiveness. 

5. Launch

Your website is now ready to be discovered by your potential clients. It’s all yours, and you have its full control and admin rights. Moreover, we would be happy to provide hosting for you or help get your new website set up on a hosting provider of your choice.

6. Hosting & Maintenance

We’ll manage your hosting services and ensure your site is working continuously. You won’t have to worry about any technical issues because our in-house support team will address any problems.

Types of Custom Development

Custom Web Development

Custom web development solutions are designed to give your brand a professional look and feel while meeting the specific needs of your company. Unlike open-source solutions, your developer writes code that is made specifically for your needs. Rather than using templates, you receive a customized website with unique features and functionality. It’s all maintained by a single developer, and there’s no need to worry about compatibility or updates. With custom web development, they’ll handle it all for you. 

Open Source Platform Development

Considered the easiest option to create a website, open-source is a great way to bring the spirit of collaboration into your business. It has a source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance to meet their own needs. Instead of building your website from scratch, we provide templates that you can customize to fit your brand. However, in many cases, you need to consider various factors such as cost, support, learning curve issues, and others.

Website Design Company Charlotte

With 15 years of experience in web design, Brightflow Technologies crafts web solutions with your business goals in mind, forging together stunning designs with proven, scalable technology to help propel your company forward. From industrial to financial services to construction to hospitality, we’ve been delivering tangible results through our incredible web development services.

Apart from that, we’ve been a leading provider of cybersecurity and managed IT solutions for businesses in the Carolinas. We deliver the highest level of security, availability, and reliability to help you grow and gain more market share.


Is a blog design included in your website development service?

A blog design is included in the website project so you can create the articles you want.  

How much does a new website cost?

The price of a website varies widely and depends on factors like the features or the type of website you choose. We recommend contacting us to get an estimate. 

In what industries have you built websites?

In the past 15 years, we’ve developed exceptional websites for the industrial, financial services, construction, and hospitality industries. 

How long will it take to build a new website?

Typically, we complete a project in 4 to 6 weeks. However, in most cases, most projects are delivered in just three weeks.

What if I need an e-commerce website?

No problem! We build secure e-commerce websites. Contact us and let’s discuss your options.

Is WordPress a good website solution for an e-commerce site?

WordPress provides the best e-commerce platform available. With it, you have complete control over your site and its content.

Can you update a previously built website?

Definitely! Our team can help you update your existing website.

What if I need a logo or graphic design work?

We have an exclusive graphic designer who can help you design images or logos to use on your website. 

Which CMS is best for website development?

Without a doubt, WordPress is the best CMS. Businesses praise it for flexibility and scalability.

Will I continue to get web support post website development?

Yes! Our plan comes with everything you need, from unlimited website support to unlimited updates for a flat fee of $100 per month.

How is a mobile-first website different from a regular website?

A mobile-first website is specifically optimized for input by a mobile device. The development process focuses on the content, where elements such as images are designed around it.


With our Flat-Fee Services, Scalable Team, and our Process Driven System


Dropsuite is a cloud software platform enabling businesses and organizations globally to easily backup, recover and protect their important business information including emails, contacts, calendars and OneDrive/Sharepoint files. Compliant email backup and archive system with a 10-year retention policy.

Vade Secure:

Vade Secure is an AI-based email security solution to improve security for Office 365 and block advanced phishing, spear phishing, and advanced malware threats. Vade Secure analyzes emails, webpages, attachments, and images with machine learning and deep learning algorithms that are trained to detect behaviors and anomalies common to advanced email threats.

Office Protect:

Office Protect is a service that’s designed to help you secure your Microsoft 365 tenant. Using our powerful in-house security software, our analysts actively monitor for threats, investigate alerts, eliminate false positives, and provide guided response and remediation. Protects against account break-ins, data exfiltration, business email compromise, phishing, internal threats, lateral movement, ransomware, and attacks by nation states.

Dark Cubed:

Dark Cubed focuses on real-time monitoring, threat intelligence, predictive analytics, elegant dashboard, streamlined workflow, executive reporting and active blocking. This is another layer of security that integrates with the firewall.


ThreatLocker is a zero-trust endpoint security tool giving companies control over what software can run, by whom, and what data can be accessed.

It keeps a full detailed audit of what applications are used and data accessed/transferred/deleted and by what users (signature tracking, etc.) If something unusual happens, such as a signature change, or a user opens an application that is out of their normal routine the administrator is alerted. This is a crucial tool in identifying malware threats, as well as helping organizations identify if users are accessing applications and/or data/ files they should not be.

ThreatLocker provides a solution that allows businesses to control the content that runs on their network. Unlike AntiVirus software ThreatLocker is not looking for known viruses or malware. ThreatLocker uses a complex set of rules to determine what can be executed on a network and stops anything that has not been approved before it can even execute.


Huntress is a supplement to SentinelOne. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated, and Huntress actively seeks out these threat actors with a "defend forward" mentality. This software combines both advanced security tools along with human intervention to ensure even the most advanced hackers can't penetrate your network.


SentinelOne is a comprehensive enterprise security platform that provides threat detection, hunting, and response features that enable organizations to discover vulnerabilities and protect IT operations. SentinelOne integrates static artificial intelligence (AI) to provide real-time endpoint protection and reduce false positives that derail investigations or make threat detection a capital-intensive process. This will replace Webroot in your current environment.