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Work Stresses Out 59% of Adults

Work Stresses Out 59% of Adults

Work Stresses Out 59% of Adults

Work is the most common cause of stress for adults, with 59% experiencing work place stress.

And worryingly almost half of workers say that their work place does not have anything in place to help reduce employees’ stress levels, and improve their mental wellbeing.

This guide from MIND (a UK charity) is packed with information on how to create a mentally healthy workplace – it explores how to promote wellbeing, how to tackle the causes of mental ill health, and what you can to support staff.


Have you also considered how technology could help you to make your employees’ working day a little easier?

By no means is this a cure to an employee’s stress. But it could help them to manage their working day more effectively and feel less overwhelmed.

It’s called Microsoft OneNote – it’s part of the Office 365 suite. And you should think of it as simply one place to store and organize all of the information you need to win at business. And life.

If you feel like your team could benefit from a better way to stay organized and in turn a clearer mind, watch this 1 minute or so video, where we discuss our 5 most favorite OneNote features.

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