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Managed IT Services

BrightFlow Technologies offers Managed IT services that eliminate the hassle of working with broken, unreliable, or inefficient technology. You can trust our team to take over your IT operations to help increase your company’s efficiency, minimize downtime due to IT problems, and improve overall productivity. Here at BrightFlow Technologies, we are focused on being a managed service provider that offers dedicated customer support, fast response times, and flat monthly fees so that you can take your focus away from IT problems and put it back on important business matters.

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For an affordable, flat monthly fee your business will receive all of the IT services and support it needs. Get back to focusing on your business, and let us take care of your IT.

DEDICATED SUPPORT cybersecurity for business


Our expert technicians are always available both onsite and remote to resolve your IT issues quickly as well as answer any questions you have along the way.



Whenever you need us, we’ll be there. Our dedicated support team guarantees a 15-minute response time no matter what time of day or what day of the week.

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT services are services offered by a third-party managed service provider who takes over the responsibilities of managing, monitoring, and fixing a business’ IT system. The managed service provider is responsible for ensuring high efficiency and improvements to the IT system, infrastructure, and processes so that the business can dedicate less time to IT problems and focus more attention on the business’ core operations.

Managed IT services put the focus back on the IT firm. When a business hands over its IT operations to a managed service provider, they receive proactive and professional IT support to keep their IT operations up-to-date as well as peace of mind knowing that their business’ IT operations are in the right hands.

Why are Managed IT services important?

Managed IT services help to improve the overall function and efficiency of a companies’ IT processes. Managed service providers, such as BrightFlow Technologies, are experts in IT and provide fast solutions when an IT problem arises. Furthermore, they keep IT processes up-to-date and running efficiently so that your business stays ahead of the curve. Instead of letting a problem occur and then wondering how to fix it, managed service providers constantly monitor the IT system to proactively make changes and necessary repairs.

Managed service providers also provide strategic IT planning for your business. Have you thought about what IT services your business will need in a year? Are you thinking ahead about what your IT department will need in the future? Through managed IT services, a managed service provider takes over this responsibility and does important strategic planning for you. With access to experts in IT, you can rest assured that your business’ IT strategies are up-to-date and constantly being monitored.

How to successfully implement Managed IT services

When your business is considering the transition to working with a third-party managed service provider, there are a few things to consider to ensure you are making the right decisions for your business. Successfully implementing a managed IT service is simple but requires a few steps:

1. How much are you currently spending on IT?

Before you can implement a managed IT service, you need to understand how much you are currently spending on IT. This includes how much you are spending on IT repairs, management, support, and downtime due to IT problems. To understand how much your current IT system is costing you in downtime and loss of productivity, consider the salaries of each employee and how much time your IT problems or inefficiency cause these employees to lose productivity or not be able to work. By calculating the cost of your IT inefficiency, you might find that your business is losing more money than you thought simply because your employees aren’t able to work when IT problems occur. These cost numbers are important for you to be able to compare to the cost of managed IT services and understand how much your business can save by having using a managed service provider.

2. Amongst potential companies, request an audit

There are lots of managed service providers, but you want to choose one that you feel comfortable working with and who has the expertise to optimize your IT systems. To help shorten the list of potential managed service providers, request an IT audit. This will mean that an IT professional from these managed service providers will come and offer a full review of your current IT systems. Use this review to understand how the managed service provider works and to get a better understanding of how they can help to improve your business’ IT.

3. Select the right managed service provider

If you want to successfully implement a managed IT service, you need to make sure you’re selecting the right provider. You want a company that will improve your efficiency, increase your productivity, and will be proactive in maintaining and improving your IT systems. Make sure the managed service provider is clear on how they will provide these benefits to you and understand the onboarding process to provide them access to your systems.

BrightFlow keeps your technology working optimally, at all times

BrightFlow Technologies is a managed service provider that offers managed IT services to improve the productivity of businesses through efficient IT systems. Outsource your IT needs to BrightFlow and gain access to greater expertise for your IT Services, while reducing your operating cost by eliminating the need for personnel training and infrastructure development. To understand more about our services and our onboarding process, contact us today.

Cloud Backups and Computer Monitoring

It’s essential to work with an IT company that keeps your data safe and backed up on a secure system so that you aren’t vulnerable to attacks or problems. BrightFlow Technologies keeps your business protected with file protection, network and systems monitoring, and data backups. For a small, flat monthly fee your business is kept safe from disaster.

Office 365 Support & Management

BrightFlow Technologies’ managed IT services include Office 365 support and management to help you optimize your use of the platform. Our team will help you with the migration and creation of your different accounts to ensure that they are set up properly. We’ll also monitor your accounts, emails, and applications to help improve the efficiency of your operations.


The world of cybersecurity is constantly changing and growing, and your business needs to stay up to date with cybersecurity technology to stay protected from cyberattacks. With managed IT services from BrightFlow Technologies, you can rest assured that your business is protected by implemented preventative measures against malware, ransomware, and scams specific to your business.


Looking for an affordable solution to increase the connectivity amongst your employees? VoIP services from BrightFlow allow businesses to make inbound or outbound calls from any desktop or mobile device. These VoIP services allow your business to improve collaboration easily and at a low price.

Web Hosting & Development

BrightFlow Technologies offers web hosting and development services that keep your business active online. Our team can help you to design, build, and support your website to create a beautiful online platform for your business.


–> How can I be sure my business’ data is safe with an outsourced managed service provider?

BrightFlow Technologies takes data security very seriously. We understand that when you trust us to manage your IT systems, you are trusting us to keep them safe from security breaches as well. We provide backups of all of your data, as well as expert cybersecurity services to ensure that your business’ IT systems and data are kept secure at all times.


–> Can Managed IT services really reduce my business’ IT costs?

To understand how Managed IT services can help your business to save money, you need to first understand your current costs related to IT systems. The cost of IT doesn’t only include the cost of maintenance, management, and improvements. IT costs also include the downtime of your IT systems that can cost your business money when employees are unable to work efficiently. Managed IT services are not only affordable in managing and maintaining your systems but also reduce the amount of downtime your business experiences due to IT problems thus saving you more money.

Industries We Serve

BrightFlow Technologies is proud to offer a variety of industries with Managed IT services. In every industry, BrightFlow’s Managed IT services help businesses to improve efficiency and increase productivity with better functioning IT systems. With experience working with businesses in each industry, BrightFlow understands the specific IT needs of each business and how to keep their systems up to date and competitive with other businesses in the industry.

Learn more about our Managed IT services in the different industries we serve: