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Uh-oh. Dave lost his cell phone

Uh-oh. Dave lost his cell phone

Uh-oh. Dave lost his cell phone

Every year, millions of people lose their cell phones.

That’s inconvenient for them. But a potential nightmare for you, if one of those people works for you.

Because a third of people don’t take proper measures to protect data in their phone. Such as a long PIN, encryption, and remote wiping.

If they’ve been accessing your business’s data… well, that means anyone could get their hands on it.

Think how much data is on email and other systems. Which your staff access with their phones. Terrifying.

So when people do use their own devices for work, how do you control what happens to your business critical data?

A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy is an essential document that will help you keep your data safe and show your employees what’s expected of them.

It’ll also have a plan to secure and protect company data. So a lost cell is an inconvenience, not a catastrophe.

If you don’t have one of these policies, we can help. Contact the helpdesk today and let us help you and your team protect your data.

The helpdesk is on 704.893.8445, or you can click below to email us.